Opening up or rather ‘Kufungua roho’ as many say, has never been easy and many tend to veer off the topic once it arises. Namba Nane artiste Octopizzo is however not many people. Yesterday, he openly confessed having a crush on the outgoing and drop dead gorgeous, Miss Karun.

The gorgeous lass seemed to have the best of the ‘Namba Nane’s’ finest as she occasionally made him blush. Miss Karun and Octopizzo had their chemistry while working together on a video shoot.

Octo could not hold back the delight as he used his Facebook page and uploaded a photo of Karun looking very ‘hot’ for lack of a better word, with the caption:

And my #WCW goes to the one and only Karun,the Chemistry on that Nini Video Shoot(Cameo),wacha tu!!,I wasn’t used to gals making me blush, and I wasn’t sure why she even was making me blush.But my crush was on her Confidence,A slow smile spread across her lips,I liked her but I never wanted her to know,coz we were at work..
Butterflies??? Naah.. I feel the whole zoo inside me when I see you.. SEMA KUFUNGUA ROHO heheehh

Check out the photo: