One of the most read news paper in the US, The New York Times, on Tuesday published an opinion piece touching on Monday’s much awaited Saba Saba rally organized by the CORD coalition.
The piece was done by a veteran editor, Jeffrey Gettleman, who was keen to spell out the day’s moments including how CORD supporters waited for five hours on their feet for the opposition leaders to show up. “When they did, in a convoy of fancy sport utility vehicles, they quickly denounced the government, accusing it of playing tribal politics, being numb to poverty and being caught flat-footed by a number of recent terrorist attacks” he wrote
The closing paragraph read: “But the promise of a new day seemed to dissipate the instant the rally ended, at dusk. The opposition leaders had not called for a sit-in, as many supporters had hoped. Some young men cursed at police officers as they left, but most people filed out without incident. They walked quietly up the darkening roads, almost reluctantly, back to the iron shanties in the slums that are their homes”
However, the last bit did not ogre well with many as the writer is thought to take sides.
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