As many took time to relax after long hours waiting at the Machakos highway on Sunday, celebrated radio host, Maina Kageni was celebrating his 40th birthday… yeah 40th.

I must say he looks half that age, but again, it’s a requirement in the showbiz industry to look young. It is said, life begins at 40, and certainly Maina has embarked on a sweet life ahead of him.

The lad celebrated his birthday with his close friends and workmates at the Sheebeen, The Bar. It could never have gone down without taking a photo. He released one with the caption: Today, I spent time with people I dearly love. I couldn’t have wished for a better birthday. Big Names, friends and family, I love you. 

Thank you – this was a wonderful birthday! — with Jessica L. Tindal andDerroh Doch.

He was grateful enough to all who sent him birthday wishes and made a post that read:

Thank you for the kind birthday wishes…… today I celebrate my Mummy for giving me the gift of Life… Wangui, I love you immensely!!!!!!!!! And I thank YOU for enriching my life…. your daily interaction with me has made me a better person… asante tena sana…. to my boss, enjoy the Monday meeting as I sleep!!! But thank you for putting bread on my table……. to those I love, your friendship and love make the difference… am grateful for that…. something tells me that this is the last coherent thing I will do today, so it’s downhill from here on….. Happy Sunday and thank you!!!!

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