Controversial former presidential aspirant Kingwa Kamencu has been shocking the country lately with her activism causes, some of which have attracted lots of feedback.

Kigwa earlier demanded that night runners be recognized by the state and is also a strong advocate for an underwear free Africa. She is at it yet again, and this time with a demand. She says the government should create a corner or rather a zone for those who love to masturbate..just like the smoking zone.

This came after an alleged (fake) notice by Kenyatta University administration to masturbating students went viral in the internet.

Kingwa Kamencu who never falls short of words expressed her sentiments through the social media through a statement that read:

“There has been increasing intolerance towards Masturbators in Kenya. The biggest issue of the moment is that we are not allowed to practice our activities in public and must do them behind closed doors, as if we have something to hide.

I’m currently drafting a paper to be deliver to parliament tomorrow, agitating for us to get more recognition in the public space. Just as there is a Freedom Corner (founded by Nobel Laureate Professor Wangari Maathai), the time for us to get a Masturbators corner is well nigh.”


I have no words for her, do you?