kayvoThe recent release of the unofficial ‘we be happening remix’ featuring femcee, Xtatic has continued to receive mixed reactions after the rapper was left out in unclear circumstances in the official release.

Fellow rapper, Kayvvo K Force does not understand why Xtatic was scrapped off and thinks Xtatic was the only other person besides him that would have brought that real lyrical feel to it.

“I think she’s the only other person besides myself that would have brought that real lyrical feel to it, it is a hiphop song after all. I think she needs to drop more music for her fans who am sure will appreciate her lyrical endeavors than hizi mamambo za mashowbiz.” he told Rapnairobi.

“all this manenos are part of the culture and I know it, they’re just not at the fore front like we put them, in fact we put all this shit even before the music (esp. rap/hiphop) to a point that hakuna mtu anajua ngoma as opposed to controversies stirred….and I don’t think Xtatic was replaced by Nessa coz she don’t sing…though am sure many would like to differ seeing as to how they’re females, though Niko sure both have something unique to bring to the table,” he added.