Maina-KortiniFormer Mungiki leader Maina Njenga has said the allegations by Joseph ole Lenku that the opposition is working with the outlawed Mungiki sect to destabilise the government will lead to extra-judicial killings by the police.

Cabinet Secretary Ole Lenku made the allegations at Gitui ACK church in Murang’a on Sunday. He however did not name Njenga as a Mungiki leader or as the one working with the opposition.

“We know the calls for mass demonstration on Saba Saba day target a certain community,” he said.

“Some people are funding the criminal gangs to cause chaos so that everyone can believe that there is no security in the country,” Lenku said.

However, on Monday Maina Njenga said he was obliged to speak on the allegations as a former sect leader because while he has denounced the sect and is now a born again Christian, many people still associated him with the sect.

“As far as I am concerned , Mungiki is dead and buried and therefore nobody should associate with any new Mungiki outfits that may have come after I left,” Njenga said as reported by The Star.