Maluda easy art copy

Gospel rapper Maluda is not a new name in the music industry, gospel music to be precise. He is one of the many upcoming artistes with pure talent and this was revealed when he did a song with the towering rapper, Juliani dubbed ‘Easy’.

Word has been making rounds that the gospel artiste decided to turn his ‘spiritual’ ways to ‘worldly’ ways, or rather backslide. This is after he made a tweet about erasing all his tattoos.

However, Maluda was quick to squash those claims saying that people misinterpreted his tweet. Speaking to a popular radio station he said, “I have a very special reason why I am going for tattoo removal.” He added on saying, “I am working on a new album in which i have taken a different sound and look, i therefore want to change my presentation as a person.”

The lad was adamant that removal of the tattoos would symbolize marking a new phase in his life. The ‘Easy singer has two tattoos,  one on the right arm is a bible verse Roman Chapter 1:16 while the left one is a numerical abbreviation of the same verse 116.