The highly awaited day, Saba Saba, is silently creeping in as it’s only less than a week away. The main aim of the day is to ask Kenyans to make resolutions on how to force the government to accept demands for a national dialogue.

However, Mr Odinga did not disclose what the resolutions would be, saying that doing so would be pre-empting the views of Kenyans but rather hinted that the country should prepare for a repeat of the mass action which eventually forced President Daniel arap Moi to accept a return to multiparty politics in the early 1990s.

Baba has promised  a storm for Jubilee if it fails to convene a structured national dialogue, a request that has caused panic and unrest in Jubilee camp

Speaking to Daily Nation, Raila said, “on Monday, people are coming to demand their rights. It will be a strong demonstration that Kenyans are concerned with the latest developments and the danger it poses for the future.

Mr Odinga is disturbed by the level of insecurity, corruption, disunity, devolution, electoral bias and amendments to the Constitution and thinks they are entering the danger zone and could only be dealt with through a national dialogue involving all Kenyans.

He said Cord had given Saba Saba Day as the deadline for the talks, arguing that the Monday rally, which he wants declared a public holiday, would be the culmination of consultative rallies with Kenyans on the crisis.

“Once assembled, representatives of the people will speak and a resolution will be made. I don’t want to pre-empt what the resolution of the gathering of the people of Kenya will be,” he said .