Socialites are viewed or perceived as the rotten lot in the society. One individual even wrote an article on the said breed of celebrities and equated them as ‘expensive prostitutes’.

Many celebrities, the likes of Octopizzo, Madtraxx, Caroline Mutoko have lashed out at socialites for their ‘ungodly’, filthy behavior and the image they portray.

Former NTV’s teen show ‘Teen Republic’ host, Anita Nderu has not been left behind either as she too shared her thoughts on the controversial celebrities. Captioning a photo on Facebook, she wrote..

“Waiting for the tub to fill, Patience is a virtue I have been forced to practice. I should close the curtains right? But the only neighbor I have is the lake so I’ll be fine plus it is raining so low visibility but still there could be some sneaky sniper pervert fisherman on the prowl. Then I end up on blogs. I don’t want to be a Kenyan socialite, it is sad and embarrassing plus I would have to learn to be a great liar, get implants, bleach, start twerking, buy $3000 shoes on ebay, heh yeah curtains closed”

Check out the photo: