rachaelruto200614Deputy President’s wife, Rachel Ruto revealed an interesting story of how she once donated some of her skirts that ended up being used as window curtains.

Rachel was speaking during a women’s seminar in Huruma recently, saying:

“A couple of years ago, one of my friends was going through a rocky phase in her marriage. Whenever she came to visit, she would share how her husband had abandoned the family and how they didn’t even have food. I was touched by her plight and decided to do some shopping for her,” she said.

 “A few weeks later, the couple had resolved their issues. I decided to pay them a visit to find out how they were doing. I was shocked to find the skirts I had given her had been ‘transformed’ into curtains,” she added.

The friend tried to save the situation saying: “I did not mean to use the skirts you gave as curtains. I moved to this new house and realised I did not have curtains and I was desperate,” Rachel narrated.

Rachel used the story to warn the women at the three-day seminar organised by Joyful Women (Joywo), not to be dependent on gifts they don’t even need.

Additional reporting by SDE