janetwanjaCelebrity volleyball player, Janet Wanja has for the first time gone public about her wedding and why she decided to have it done in privacy.

The top player popular for being a sexy sportswoman, got engaged to beau Andrew Sayer Man in December 2013 and made it official on May 3 at the Dinham Resort Garden, Tigoni. The couple took their vows in front of an intimate gathering of 100 guests.

“It was a very private and simple event. I did not want pressure. There are those who are angry at this decision yet these are people who don’t even have my phone number. I wanted this to be about us. There are some who are not talking to me. The same people I have never even talked for two years,” she told The Star newspaper.

Speaking about how she managed to keep it on the down low after much anticipation from the public eye, here’s what she had to say: “I was vague about the dates and kept radio silence on social media,” she said.

“My close friends, my brother Kevin Kimani and my teammates played a big role in helping me organise the wedding because I was at camp in Tunisia. I landed back in the country on a Wednesday at 5pm and that Saturday was the wedding day. I only had two days to finalise everything. I have to say their support went a long way in ensuring that the day was a success and it ran smoothly. I did not have any pressure at all,” she added.

Congratulations are in order for the couple.

Here are some photos