The political and tribal tensions in the country took a sad and shocking turn as hate speech leaflets were being circulated in Rift Valley.

The leaflets are addressed to the Luo community living in the rift valley region, warning them of dire consequences if they failed to vacate the region. One of the leaflets is dated 19/06/2014 and gives a 7 day ultimatum. The other is addressed to former Prime Minister, Raila Odinga, who has come under fire with allegations that he was behind the recent Mpeketoni attacks that left over 70 people dead. According to the leaflet, Raila allegedly directed that members of the Kikuyu community be killed and now on a revenge mission, members of his community would suffer the same fate.

It saddens me when I write this, remembering where Kenya was 6 years ago. Remember Kenya is your home and you don’t go burning your home.

Here they are