swaleCitizen TV swahili news anchor and managing editor Swaleh Mdoe is one angry man and it all has to do with Kenyan media houses including his own.
He is angry that over 30 lives have being lost in Wajir but that has been relegated to ‘in other news’ and not the front page news Mpeketoni and the likes receive.

“Upto 30 people butchered in Wajir and Kenyan media treat such news as County reports, but cover extensively the Ukraine war.Lost Priorities?” he tweeted on Monday.

Blogger Robert Alai then suggested to him that he should use his position to influence decision on coverage.
“You are in a key position in the media. Use your influence to push such stories.” he wrote.

To which Swaleh replied.
“Ni vigumu sana Babu Alai..In these media houses what comes first is interest of certain individuals.”

When his followers continued to push him to use his position to change the way things are done, this is what he had to say.   “@bushy_man uwezo ndio hatuna…Cheo cha jina tu”


He added that if he had the power, a helicopter would currently be hovering Wajir with live news. “nakubali. ningekuwa na huo uwezo ningepeka Helikopta na kuleta taarifa LIVE kutoka Wajir”


On Saturday, we saw KTN’s social media manager complaining about his employer using KTN’s official handle. We don’t know what happened to him or her, but this habit of backbiting your employer is very queer.

Swaleh Mdoe has valid points though, and lets hope his bosses took notes.