Socialite Shamsa Hamad has not had much publicity making her only known to very few. Like many Kenyan socialites, she’s well endowed with a great future ahead of her and the thought of her curvaceous body is enough to drop jaws a make men drool.

The socialite is making an entry to stardom on a very low note or rather she has attracted the attention of many for all the wrong reasons. Two weeks ago, Coast based Dj Scratch accused the lass of trying to con him some money. He said that Shamsa was targeting celebrities, journalists and prominent people to extort money from them. “She wanted me to send her money claiming that she was a model and needed to buy a few things. When I declined, she blocked me from her Facebook page”. Dj Scratch told The Nirobian.

The Nairobian writer took the prerogative of investigating the matter and contacted the controversial socialite. After exchanging greetings, the socialite offered her contacts and immediately requested for a Sh 5,000 loan claiming to pay back if need be. Her request were however ignored and three days later, when called through the contacts she offered, calls never went through.

With that said and done, needless to say, watch out!