I’ve always said that when we are complaining about rising cost of flour, sugar, rice… when we are complaining about rising fare, not everyone is crying.

Big machines are been spotted in Kenyan towns everyday; and frankly if a guy can spend upwards of Sh20 million on a car, we can only imagine how much he makes in a month. Many of these people buying big cars are businessmen, with a good number being what I call undocumented billionaires. Others are however children of rich parents squandering money they took no part in making.

We have published images of Lamborghinis, Sporty Jaguars and Mercedes Benz and other top of the range cars. Today we return with photos of a Maserati that was spotted in Nairobi.

It looks like a Maserati Quattroporte that can cost you upwards of Sh20 million including tax.


mas2This is how the beauty really looks..




Photos by Nairobi’s Hottest Cars