kayArguably one of the top disc jockeys in the country, Kaytrixx the Entertainer has been in the industry for a quite some time now. As a result of his vast experience, the Str8Up VJ, can be considered as the fastest growing music entrepreneur, having recently launched Spin Cycle Ltd – a versatile entertainment company with a wide range of services to offer.

Kabochi Gakau aka Kaytrixx, has come a long way to becoming a CEO, DJ, TV VJ, Artist, Businessman, Entrepreneur and Father to twins. All which can be attributed to his hard working nature.

However before he became who he is now, Kaytrixx was just an ordinary cake loving kid. Here is a photo of himself back in the day wearing a sheepish smirk on his face, probably thinking when he would start devouring the cake in front of him.

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