On Sunday during Madaraka day celebrations, President Uhuru made his way to Nyayo Stadium in his most powerful and lethal motorcade yet. The highlight was the ACHLEITNER Survivor I Armored Personnel Carrier, weighing 8 tonnes and capable of withstanding fairly large explosions.
It came fitted with a machine gun on top, and while in the stadium, Recce officers took turns to keep vigil.
That, plus the new C in C ceremonial vehicle with a bullet proof glass raised a lot of questions on the status of our security. Kenya is not particularly notorious for presidential assassinations but this is probably a new dawn. Nothing is being left to chance with the lurking Al Shabaab threat.
Now, we have come across this photo that was taken along Langata road. This heavily armored car is actually a customized Toyota Land Cruiser. It’s not clear who the owner might be, but it’s clear those who can afford are not leaving personal security to chance.
On first glance it looks like the one the president brought to Nyayo Stadium, but comparing the two shows it’s not.

We have established that the vehicle is also part of President Uhuru’s motorcade… Yes, he has two, or lets just say at least two.
Here’s a pic of the two. Spot the Land Cruiser in the lower photo.land1