kenEarly in the year, rumors were rife that Calif Records was looking to cross borders and expand into neighboring Tanzania.

The expansion seems to have started as the 14 year old recording stable, founded by producer Clemmo and Genge artiste Jua Cali, is set to bring Tanzania’s Hussein Machozi and Fundamentals hitmaker Ken Wa Maria to work on a collabo.

Calif records however did not want to promise a lot.

“The two artists are now coming up with the concept and we can’t even give a time frame for it because clemo has just started making the beats for the track. We might say this week and then it comes out next month or vice versa. So I don’t want to share much on it since it’s a bit early.” Calif representative told Rapnairobi.

Ken Wa Maria was also rumored to be working on a fundamentals remix with P Unit and a host of other artistes but that never materialized.