elizaFormer KBC TV presenter, Elizabeth Irungu, who has strongly been linked to dating SONU Chairman, Babu Owino has some sex advice for the ladies.

The controversial journalist has been making headlines for one reason or another. It was alleged that she was a devil worshipper, claims which she refuted. She then came out to claim that her life was in danger as a result of threats from alleged boyfriend, Babu Owino. Well, it seems that she enjoys the limelight and recently took it a notch higher by talking sex.

Apparently, Elizabeth has had the best sex abd she decided to share some tips to the ladies.

Here is what she posted on her social media page;

WARNING: Adult Talk.Do not read this article if ur below 21yrs of age (Na ukisoma despite my clear warning here then atleast save me the immature comments! Na kama wewe ni “holy Joe” usomee hii uanze zile “advise” zenyu *yawns* pliz “pastor-goody-goody-two-shoe” go jump off a cliff or hug a cactus tree coz wengi sana wametupatia hizo advise na imagine hapa ndio ilitufikisha LOL! Do us both a favor by blocking me-SIMPLE!)
Ok ladies,today i will give you a secret coz nawapenda nyote kama madada zangu,if ur man knows how to make u ‘kachabali’ (yaani squirt) never leave that Nigga! I swear they are very few “chosen ones” with “gifted hands”.Take it from a pro! Go with ur sex sense (oppsy sorry i meant “SIXTH sense”) & stay with that boy! It takes years b4 u find the right one who knows the exact spot to hit it to unleash ur “big-fountain-of-love” mhhh…That fountain that drains u of all the liquids & power in ur whole body.U are left weak,motionless & speechless.U feel like ur floating in air afterwards! WOW! And if you’ve never had the pleasure of a ‘kachabali’/squirt don’t worry girl,ur dreams are valid! The day it happens,i swear to u,your big splash/gash will soak his whole face,chest,bed sheets,mattress.Free swimming pool for both of yah hehe! You’ll wonder what the hell ur ex-es were doing down there! Wasting ur time-Hawako! Every girl deserves to squirt atleast once in her lifetime Mimi nimesema