Media industry, more so the mainstream media never miss out on controversies at any particular time. The recent incident enveloped radio presenters who are choosy in playing songs.

Accusations leveled against radio presenters were: exchanging sex for airplay, money for airplay and as of today, playing music depending on the ‘personal feelings’ they have for a certain musician.

This has prompted the likes of Blaqy, an upcoming dance hall artiste and Chess, former Tujuane host to take shots at them claiming they lack professionalism and professional ethics.

Chess took to social media and aired her sentiments that read:

Radio stations, more specifically RADIO PRESENTERS who use their feelings to decide what Kenyan music to play on air..You are FAILING as part of the major custodians of Kenyan music. Your personal issues or problems with anyone should not affect your job. Your job is to make sure GOOD Kenyan music gets airplay as much as possible. You’re not supposed to play a certain artiste’s music coz you like them as a person, but because they make GOOD MUSIC. And that’s that…give GOOD music airplay. Your personal issues should not destroy professionalism. Which therefore gets me wondering, since when can a radio presenter ban and totally not play an artiste’s music…GOOD music because of their own personal feelings toward the artiste?Half of these people we trust with this Kenyan Industry should just be replaced and totally done away with. ‪#‎yeahisaidit‬ ‪#‎takeitorleaveit‬

In their defense, I know for a fact that the radio presenters do not dictate which music gets played. That’s the work of the producers.