mareteThe first time she made a debut in stardom, she literally swept many by their feet with her compelling and jaw dropping beauty as she cat walked the fashion aisle. Rachael Marete’s fame was catapulted when she made her debut into the music industry with top notch productions and art.

Well, it seems we have not had enough of this model. As some girls pose naked and half naked or release twerk videos, Rachael is leaving a mark and thriving in her career with her brains. She is set to receive her second Degree in which she’s graduating with honors. She has two higher education graduations and has two more to go.

Rachel reckons, “Team-work don’t twerk” as a challenge to young Kenyan girls. She adds, “I feel like socialites are so glorified nowadays for just posting pictures twerking and lounging around that there are barely any representations of women in the beauty industry with actual brains and I certainly want to be that because I am that.”

Hard work always pays off, no alternate route to success!