Being a father has never been easy. It needs one to be a person of many traits, always there as a guardian, role model, inspiration and anchor notwithstanding provider. This is the ultimate reason why someone said being a father is one thing and being a sire is totally different thing.

With Fathers Day around the corner, Dj Creme, who recently had a son, shared his journey into fatherhood and this is what he had to say:

“ The walk through this road of father hood has been the best journey I’ve ever traveled. It’s been enlightening, it’s made me a 1000 times better than i was before my son Jamari came through. See, you’d never believe in unconditional love until you get a son who you’d literally do anything for. I’ve learnt to cherish every moment with my son, watching him grow, being there to see his first moments in every thing he does. My schedule gets crazy but i always make time, we connect and i know we’ll be the best of friends when he’s all grown and can understand the world around him. I’d never trade being a dad for anything. I wanna be the best dad there is…its a beautiful thing!! 

I wrote something for jamari before he was born and i thought id share….

I know you will dream and achieve mighty things. I know that you will envision greatness. Greatness comes with an abundance of blessings. Money and power are such..My son, I’ll be truthful, both are sweet, addictive..almost unforgettable.

But take heed, they have destroyed even the strongest at heart. In everything, humility. Never detach yourself from the humble self…such will blow the many winds of prosperity and long life your way.

My son, everything I have written is from the heart and I want you to do it better even than your father did. Ive never doubted it even for a second, I know you shall be great among men..loved and adored by the world.

I can’t wait to see the look on your face as you open this letter some years to come. I’ll be there to hold and hug you, to pat you on the back telling you that the best is yet to come, the good tidings limitless.”