dadddyAward winning gospel star, Daddy Owen will continue working with upcoming artistes, despite recent accusations of conning an upcoming artiste, Danny Gift. The self proclaimed king of kapungala reckons he needs a strict work plan to avoid any such controversies.

Last week, Daddy Owen revealed his disappointments in budding artistes, accusing them of back biting every time they worked on a music project with an established artiste.

“This industry is getting bigger by day and one thing I have noted is that we have not been taking things as professionally as they are supposed to. What I will be doing from now on and I want it to be an advice to the upcoming and other established artistes is that a legally binding agreement will have to be signed between the two of us before doing any project. This will go a long way in solving or avoiding future disagreements between the involved parties. I have started walking that path already and I am not only concerned about music works but also in any other projects with a second party,” he told Word Is

“In most scenarios, most of our upcoming artistes are never more focused on the money but more on the fame. When you meet them you may never realise this and you only know what they were after all the damage has been done. So to cut down all the drama, just put pen to paper before engaging in anything serious. But if I read mischief I will waste no time on such a project,” he added.

The gospel crooner however denied any disagreements between himself and Gift over the Kazi ya Msalaba single by saying it was “my personal decision to work with Gift because I find him a humble guy. We’ve never had any drama between us. I met him a long time ago so he is well known to me.”