octOne guy who is definitely living the dream is self proclaimed Kibera’s finest, Octopizzo. His music career has grown remarkably well and he is without a doubt the only Kenyan rapper who seems to be making the right inroads into the international level.

Having made a major FIFA World cup anthem, toured Germany, and recently working with UNHCR for the World Refugee day, he got the chance to meet some of the world’s renowned leaders- British High Commissioner to Kenya, Christian Turner and US Ambassador for Kenya Bob Godec.

Here’s what Octopizzo had to say about the experience with the leaders:

Had a Great Time Chatting with the Coolest Leaders I’ve ever Met,British High Commissioner Hon. Christian Turner and US Ambassador for Kenya Bob Godec, at the#WorldRefugeeDay in Kakuma and before we shared a selfie we talked Football, YES!! thats how cool they are,and offcos we discussed serious matters and projects for the Youth in the Refugee Camps.

Check out the selfies below