Larry Madowo and Caroline Mutoko’s date finally happened last Friday night. It was an ‘interview-date’ if there’s something like that, with the dinner setting done right inside NTV studios.

As always, Larry did a good job asking his guest the right questions. It’s not often that you hear Caroline Mutoko talk about marriage and Mutula Kilonzo.

The video is right below this post, but in brief, Mutoko revealed that she’s open to the idea of marriage.

“Probably, Im a girl somebody has to ask and if the right person asks and the answer is yes, it will happen.” she responded when Larry asked if she’ll ever get married.

There was a caveat though. “Don’t let me stop you if you’re planning to get married. Don’t be sitting there waiting for me; if that’s what rocks your boat you’ve got my blessing.” she said.

Asked whether there is a man, Mutoko said, “Even if there was, would i talk about it. I signed the radio africa contract he didn’t.”

Watch the video below.

To say the least, that was one informative date, but it would not have been a proper date without the flowers.