Early last week, radio queen Sanaipei Tande released a highly sensual video for the song Mfalme wa Mapenzi. The eye candy video has elicited a lot of vibe on social media, but really, who was the man in the Video?

Well not many Kenyan male celebrities are light skinned and muscular. So this would definitely lead to Biko Adema. So when contacted by The Nairobian, he said, “I will not respond to a yes or no question.”

When pressed about why he chose to keep his face off camera, he said, “ every video has its concept and i guess that was their preference.” He however declined to say how much he received to feature in the video. Nonetheless he opened up on the challenges he went through during the shoot. “You see, I’m not an actor and some scenes were a bit uncomfortable. But it was a great experience.”

On the other hand, when Sanaipei was contacted, she declined to share details and reveal Biko was the man in the Video. “There is a reason his face was hidden,” she said.