girl1) They love losing weight but they also love to EAT.

2) They want u to buy them sanitary pads while they never buy u protections.

3) They pretend they don’t want sex, Yes! But the truth is, every adult human being, male or female, wants sex unless they have a medical or psychological problem.

4) They say they don’t love u but they can’t get u out of their mind.

5) In the middle of the month when u want them to pay u a visit, they refuse but when the month is about elapse, they are the ones who remind u that u are supposed to go for ur salary.

6) They always tell u to recharge their phones with airtime and you wonder who the hell they want to talk to!

7) They cry when u wrong them but they laugh when they wrong u.

8) If she tells u that u are ugly, she takes it as a joke but if u tell her she is ugly, she won’t forgive u for the rest of her life.