navyThree Kenya Navy officers have been sacked after attending a political rally at Tononoka two weeks ago.

The three, identified as Senior Sergeant John Apollo (33502), Corporal George Ong’onyi (34094) and Corporal Nyambok (34906), were reportedly caught on camera at Raila’s rally in contravention to the code of ethics governing the military and other disciplined forces in Kenya.

Article 239 (3) of the Constitution states that:

In performing their functions and exercising their powers, the national security organs and every member of the national security organs shall not—

(a) act in a partisan manner;

(b) further any interest of a political party or cause; or

(c) prejudice a political interest or political cause that is legitimate under this Constitution.

According to Daily Nation, the three were spotted by intelligence officers who photographed them. They returned to the Navy headquarters at Mtongwe, Mombasa on Monday to process their release documents from the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF).

Their families, residing within the Navy servicemen quarters were also moved.