rabbit22 News went round that the famous rapper Rabbit was being mistreated by the love of his life. Having gone through that, the rapper is still deeply and madly in love. The first days to any relationship are always smooth, love blooms unimaginably and before long one is drooling ‘stupidly’ or crazily in love. This was the case with Rabbit, but as days went by, things started getting rather sour. He barely had sufficient funds to maintain himself and his lass. Amid his trial times, Rabbit was blessed with a job but sooner or later, he was transferred to Rwanda, the genesis of his relationship quagmire. He would call his girl numerous times but she wouldn’t answer and it wasn’t long before he had learned that she was seeing another man. Despite the treacherous journey of love, Rabbit still puts on a broad smile and still hopes to find a true love. Here’s his story;