Most people know Radio the artiste from Uganda through the group Goodlyfe and Radio and Weasel. The lad seems to be resting on his laurels as of late he has not made a comeback in the music scene but word going round is that he will be surprising his fans soon.

Away from his music career, the talented musician was caught on the wrong side of the law on Monday.

Radio was on Monday arrested following a bar brawl and for planting marijuana in his compound. According to sources, hell broke loose at Casablanca Bar in Kampala where the singer and his crew were having fun.

According to witnesses, the brawl was sparked off by a member of breakaway Leone Island crew, AK47, his elder brother Pallaso also Chameleone’s brother, Sheebah Karungi and King Saha of the Mulirwana hit.

According to sources, one of Radio’s flunky is said to have provoked AK47’s group, saying without Goodlyfe who featured Pallaso in their Amaaso hit, he would be a nobody. This seemed to have provoked Pallaso who headed straight for Goodlyfe’s table and punched Radio.

They were however arrested and later released but the fight never ceased as the gang war continued later on at Radio’s home, where the window panes of his house had been smashed and his car windows shattered. An attempt to re-arrest Radio was met with resistance as his mother and brother put up a fight. However police overpowered them and whisked them to police.

At the same juncture, the police managed to get ‘weed’ planted on Radio’s compound and uprooted it. Check out the photos.

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