Kanja King is a Kenyan rapper based in Atlanta. The lad has been rubbing shoulders with music bigwigs in the world. He has done projects with Kenya’s ‘baddest’ female rapper STL, Camp Mulla and Ghanian rapper Manifest. He has also done a collabo with international producer Silvastone, with whom he did a club banger “Lights Out” which got everyone talking.

Late last year, photos of Kanja and Nigeria’s P Square went viral with speculations that the three are on a stunner project. Nothing has been done yet but his fans are still hopeful their meeting will bring forth ‘something’.

On the same juncture, the Kenyan is tipped for the ‘illest and baddest’ collabo of the year. He will be teaming up with the King of the South, yeah the deadly on the mic, T.I. This will definitely be a shocker.

Kanja tweeted a photo of himself hanging out with bigwig Atlanta rapper T.I.

Check out the photo.

ti and kanja