Well, not many would extend a generous heart to fans on Facebook especially if they have fallen victim of their wrath. Caroline Mutoko is a radio queen flying high in her career who has resorted to give away her highly priced and favorite possessions to her die hard Facebook fans.

 Just a simple “Yes” would see one walk away with her possessions

This is what she posted that resulted to an overwhelming 4000+ responses;

“Now – seriously…. if I offered to share afew of my things with you….would you be interested?

I’m talking about MY favourite things… Dresses? Clothes? Handbags? Jewelry? Wine? Treats? Stylist? Eyebrow/eyelash guy? ……

Weeeelllllll….Can I share my stuff with you?
I’d like to. But only if you want to A simple, “yes” or “nah” will do. Let me know.

(the option is for my fre-nemies)”

On Monday, true to her word she awarded 4 of her fans each a pair of shoes she’d barely worn once or twice. One of the fan is a close friend of mine, that I can attest.

With that said and done, if interested, you are well acquainted with the drill..