moseEven before his hate speech allegations die down, political strategist and Jubilee sympathiser Moses Kuria is making news again. He has been quite busy on Facebook, and on Monday he had some not very kind words for CORD supporters.

This is in regards to their scheduled weekend rallies.

Here was his post.

I really sympathise with my friends in CORD. They dream too much. Nothing is wrong with that. Only that after dreaming one has to wake up in the morning and work towards actualizing the dreams. In 2012/2013 they dreamt they had won the elections. They forgot to wake up after the dreams and register their voters or get them to the polling stations. Instead of going to cast votes their supporters went to play Ajua believing Baba had won.

Now, one day they want to hold a rally at Uhuru Park.Then they realize its booked for military rehearsals. Quick dream: KICC! They start celebrating instead of confirming with KICC Management. If they did they would have been told that the KICC grounds are booked Saturday and Sunday for the prestigious Groove Awards. What a valid dream! It would appear its back to Kibera for Baba’s post-medical rally.