dj Mantix

For quite sometime, the name Dj Mantix was a house hold name. He graced screens in ‘matatus’ and homes with his deadly mixes both secular and gospel. The lad was definitely flying high.

However, things turned sour when the popular spin master was fired from the famous Candy n Candy Records. That not being all, the Dj is now accused of being a swindler.

Mantixx is accused to have tricked five people into giving him a sum of Sh100,000, payment for deejaying school fees offered by (his former employer) Candy n Candy Records. He is said to have fled and efforts to reach him proved unsuccessful. The five later resorted to invoking the police into the matter.

In the company of the law enforcers, the 5 lads stormed the Candy n Candy offices off Mombasa Road to hunt for Mantixx. On arrival however, they met rather sad news that the deejay was no longer with the stable as he had been dismissed a month earlier.

When approached for comments, Mantix rubbished the allegations claiming he has no information that the police were looking for him.

“Me niko tu around. Sijaskia polisi yeyote ananitafuta,” says Mantixx. When asked about swindling the 5 guys using Candy n Candy Records, Mantix boldly said, “uko nilitoka kitambo. Me nina shule yangu tao. Apo Moi Avenue. Na hakuna mtu nimecon.”

“Akuna karau amenicall. Ni msee flani tu apo nina decks zake na ako majuu na nilikua nimrudishie izo machine na bado sijafanya ivo. Ni hio tu.” He added.