When growing up, there were people whose names were literally household. As we see below, some of them have refused to age… at least physically.

Same great looks. Here are some of them.

1. Caroline Mutoko

She has rocked our radio every morning since I was young. She however seems to get more beautiful as the years pass by. I cant really get to identify the formula she uses to take back her age.


2. Jimmy Gathu

Even after having many years behind him and a grandchild to his name, ladies still can’t get enough of him. He graced our TVs with Mambo Leo on KBC and now Zuku’s State House, you can almost be fooled into believing that time has not gone by at all.


3. Sheila Mwanyigha

From the times she was enveloped with controversies after being caught up on numerous occasions with King of bling CMB Prezzo to making traffic bearable, thanks to the Vaseline billboard advert, she’s still youthful and full of energy and enthusiasm. Apparently, she’s grown hotter and you can bear me witness, she’s among the most beautiful women in Kenya.


4. Julie Gichuru

The first time she graced our TVs, she automatically took everyone’s heart. She would then become the face of Sunday night news and apparently she was the main reason men were at home early for the ‘Sunday Live’ news.


5. Catherine Kasavuli

She clocked 50 years not long ago, but she still looks youthful and certainly beautiful. As news anchors struggled to maintain their beauty, the former Citizen TV news anchor had none of it. She still looks gorgeous till date.