Journalism in Kenya has never been easy but rather very intriguing and demanding. Death threats are part of its everyday norm. Not long, investigative journalist Mohammed Ali and his counterpart John Allan Namu fled to seek asylum in a foreign country after their lives hang in a balance after they openly brought to public series of events touching prominent people in the government.

Those are just two among many. Media Council of Kenya CEO, Harun Mwangi yesterday revealed that more than 30 journalists are in a protection scheme in Kenya due to threats on their lives and harassment.

“About 35 journalists in Kenya are on the protection list due to threats from prominent people. Some have to do with journalists who have been compromised at one point and failed to deliver,” said Dr. Mwangi.

These cases of threats  have risen due to investigative journalism in Kenya. However, Dr Mwangi advised journalists to maintain their independence and integrity by being ethical, transparent, and always alert their editors whenever they are conducting investigative pieces.