When Elani broke through, they said they were planning to bring a new twist to the Kenyan music scene and put Kenya and East Africa as a whole on the musical map. A few years later the young, funky and fresh Urban Afro group is doing exactly that.

They are now one of the top Kenyan music groups with two major hit singles Milele and Jana Usiku, with both videos having over 70,000 views on YouTube and getting massive airplay on radio.

This contemporary band may just be what the Kenyan music industry needed. Its spectacular entry into the music scene has been characterized by hit after hit and these guys are not about to stop; they’re here to stay. After releasing Milele a month ago, Elani is back with a new hit Kookoo.

On Friday night, the group’s members, Bryan, Maureen and Wambui dropped the video on Citizen TV and fans are already loving it. It was done by Ogopa Djs. Check it out