trendingFor most of yesterday, Kenyans on twitter were having this hilarious trend,  #OnlyAKenyanMumWill. From the hashtag, you can tell they were talking about things common with Kenyan mothers.

It was a hilarious trip down memory lane.

These were some of the funniest tweets.

#OnlyAKenyanMumWill Always put you first. Seeing there is not enough food, announces she was not hungry in the first place

#OnlyAKenyanMumWill hold you on her lap and you’re all grown up in a matatu coz hataki kukulipia fare “full””

#OnlyAKenyanMumWill Hear you bang the window and tell you. ‘Vunja dirisha zote, hadi Microsoft windows.’

#OnlyAKenyanMumWill beat you with pauses; nani
*slap* alikuambia *kick* ufanye
*pinch* hivyo!”

Me: Sends please call me

Mom: Sends a please call me back.


#OnlyAKenyanMumWill tell you they always used to be Number 1 in school.

#OnlyAKenyanMumWill call you and ask you pass her the tv remote control when it’s only a metre away from her.

#OnlyAKenyanMumWill ask you, “Kwa nini unalia bure?” after beating you half to death.

#OnlyAKenyanMumWill make you think that the red slipper is more painful than the blue one when they punish you

#OnlyAKenyanMumWill beat the hell out of you and claim she was not beating you but the mistake

#OnlyAKenyanMumWill force you to finish ur food with threats that God will take it away if u don’t finish & give it to the less fortunate

#OnlyAKenyanMumWill refuse to give you milk after eating beef and ask you, “kwani unataka kula ng’ombe mzima”

#OnlyAKenyanMumWill tell you to also get lost when you lost money on your way to the market to buy groceries.

#OnlyAKenyanMumWill tell you to change the channel to her favorite program then go ahead and sleep

#OnlyAKenyanMumWill tell you it’s ok to introduce a girl friend to her and then tell you nikuone na yeye tena.. Maliza masomo kwanza

#OnlyAKenyanMumWill insist on using her saliva to wipe off some white stuff stuck somewhere on your face sigh..

#OnlyAKenyanMumWill buy you an oversize uniform
and say ” hio utavaa hadi class 8″

#OnlyAKenyanMumWill tell you “if it doesn’t taste good, it’s because it’s very healthy” – the yucky veggies and cereals.

#OnlyAKenyanMumWill beat you up then threaten you “Niskie ukilkilia uone”

#OnlyAKenyanMumWill give you chores to do…after you’ve completed the ones she gave earlier, to deter you from visiting friends.

#OnlyAKenyanMumWill pinch ur nose for eating at the neighbours, but will insist on ur pals to eat with you at ur place SMH

#OnlyAKenyanMumWill whoop her child’s behind in the middle of the toys aisle at the supermarket for acting out..

#OnlyAKenyanMumWill call you by all your four names when you are in trouble.

#OnlyAKenyanMumWill coincide with the school administration to punish you when you do something wrong.