Kenyans Reactions After Ruth Matete Exposed Her ‘Fundamendoz’ on TPF

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Tusker Project Fame came to a close on Sunday, and among the singers who performed was previous winner Ruth Matete.
Instead of her singing making the news, it was her fashion that did. Ruth was trending on social media during and after her performance, due to the choice of her wardrobe.

Her short dress did not amuse a lot of people, especially because she is the lead chorister at House of Grace church in Nairobi.
Many believed it was inappropriate for a born again believer to dress the way she did.

Though she would later apologize, Kenyans had already given her some proper bashing. Here are some tweets on the same.

This weather has really messed me up. The way I was planning to put on a Ruth Matete today nkt! #KOT #tpf – @jayachichi

Thought ruth matete was a church youth leader. Poorly dressed #tpf  - @rafaelkilonzo

Naskia ruth alifanya watu matete sana #tpf6 – @itsP3T3

If you looked closely u could see Ruth Matete’s pubic hair just between her legs in last nights dress. – @Wiz_Kalibo

Ruth dress wasnt inorder..noticed even she was not comfortable in it.#tpf6 – @Veladdah12

I don’t have a problem with what Ruth Matete was wearing during #tpf6, but evidently my problems are bigger than the dress  - @emanuelayieko_o

#tpf6 Ruth a whole worship leader misbehaved last nite,church of gracie wat do u say bout ua leader aaaaaa shame on u – @ogolahcorazon

Ruth Matete’s fashion designer ran shot of material – @ANALYSTDAUDI

Ruth has let me down… a leader in the worship ministry? Is she 4 real??? #tpf6 – @djsoxxy 

That was strategy, Ruth Matete thinks you have forgotten her Dressed to kill Steals limelight Now you are talking #TPF6 – @dagustinoh

Ruth looked gorgeous but my fundamentals would not fit in that dress #tpf6″” – @JKwonyike

Ruth Matete is PORN AGAIN! She has a Nigerian boyfriend called Ken UCHI – @RGetanda

Ruth Matete imported her dress from THIGHland – @radakv

Wondering aloud. If Ruth matete was light skin would there be all this pang’ang’a – @pmuoge

Sasa huyu Ruth Matete na hizo hela zote alishinda hazingetosha kununua kioo aone amevaa “inappropriately” – @GachanJah_

Ruth Matete is saved. In Judge Ian’s phonebook. – @masaku_

The only people Ruth Matete disappointed with his attire were his girlfriend and side chic. – @kevoice_

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