Kenneth Lusaka – Governor

Yesterday, details of Bungoma County budget were revealed, and as it turned out, the budget is as ridiculous as they get.
The governor has allocated himself Sh53 million for entertainment, and Sh22 million for his travels. Sh1 million has been set aside to buy the Speaker’s attire, and a further Sh10 million for conflict resolution.
What has got people talking however, is the Sh20 million budgeted for pornography eradication and fight against drug abuse.
Kenyans on social media are now wondering when pornography became a priority, and how it will even be fought. 

Below are some comments from Twitter.

Kollo Nabiswa – Mtaachana na budget ya Bungoma. Governor means well for the local porn industry.

Mac Otani – So in short porn and entertainment are key issues in Bungoma County? 🙂

Fena Gitu – Bungoma even has a budget for porn awareness and our governor is just here tweeting.

Rachel Muthoni – Nani from Bungoma jameni?? Please,tell me about this porn problem you have…

Soko analyst – Dear Bungoma Governor, are you serious with that budget to fight porn? Is that not a way to embezzle our funds? How do u fight porn?

Charles – in bungoma porn is more of a threat than poverty?

That nigger – 20 Mill set aside for drug abuse and PORN awareness in Bungoma county budget…people is this the end of Muliro Gardens??

Dedan Wachira – what porn awareness? bungoma peeps r Already aware of it! Muliro gardens ilikuwa choir practice?

Eric Obbyero – research has it that wale wase wa kiambu na mombasa hu-train bungoma b4 wa-act. #porn_allowance

Media MK – Kwani how rampant is porn in Bungoma? 50 Million to fight it? Kwani it’s a door to door campaign?”

Filechi – It is only in Bungoma where porn is budgeted for

Brian Okwalo – Hahaha! 50 million for porn awareness in bungoma county.Kwani ni in 3D.

Dutchess Immah – Porn awareness? I bet 50%+ of guys in Bungoma dont know what internet is.

Njeri K. – When did porn become a Ksh 20 Million problem?

Griffins Ongori – Ambia Lusaka Bungoma hakuna network&we got just one Cyber .No Porn in BG

Gicharu – The governor of bungoma has allocated 50million in the fight against pornography….kwani he wil buy all the porn in his county….

Do you think Kenneth Lusaka is the right person to fight pornography?

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