Kenneth Lusaka – Governor

Attention has now shifted from the Mpigs to the Governors, who are turning out to be greedier than the law makers. 
On the spot this week is Bungoma governor Kenneth Lusaka. Yesterday, it emerged that the impoverished county has one of the most ridiculous budgets yet. For a start, the governor has allocated himself Sh 53 million for entertainment, this financial year. He however tried to clarify that last night on Citizen TV, saying the money is not his alone.

Secondly and shamelessly, the county has set aside Sh 1 million for the purchase of the speaker’s regalia.. just imagine. 

Another 22 million has been set aside for the governor’s travels, both local and foreign. A further Sh 10 million has been budgeted for conflict resolution, whatever that means.

Then, without the slightest shame, Sh 20 million has been budgeted for Pornography awareness. Yes, pornography has been identified as one of the stubborn problems in Bungoma County. 
It has been responsible for the hundreds of Bungoma residents who sleep hungry, the tens of schools without facilities, and surprisingly even the poor state of hospitals.

These are some comments by Kenyans regarding Bungoma’s budget.

Ngunjiri Wambugu – Govrnor Lusaka of Bungoma has 53M for entertainment; 30M for travel; in essence 83M total (6.3M per month) for entertaining & traveling …

Mac Otani – Bungoma County to spend 112m on vehicles in a county with majority poor!?!”

Soko Analyst – Bungoma Governor allocates 53M for Governor entertainment. Please someone give me a short gun, i would like to dispense some justice.

Phillip Etale – Security is under funded in the highly insecure Bungoma. Come on Governor Ken Lusaka. Reduce your entertainment allowance to give security.

Farel Nalimae – Bungoma County budget stinks of graft, yet Governor Ken Lusaka is defending it on national TV! EACC should pitch camp in Bungoma!

Mohammed Hersi – I pity Bungoma with such a Governor @CitizenTVNews , Speaker’s regalia Ksh1M, is it air-conditioned?

Karani Mutonga – Media should go beyond Bungoma County and reveal other counties’ budgets. I’m sure we have seen nothing yet.”

Rachel Njoroge – I almost plucked that Bungoma governor out of the TV set during that interview!!!God help us.

Shazzy cii – #53MillionKshasentertainment bungoma governors office #eish kwani kwani hii pesa inakuzwa wapi

Wambui Wanjiru – 50m for pornography awareness in Bungoma

Kenyan Facts – Bungoma is another example of what is in these county budgets which are not public. The devil is in the details.We don’t want summaries

Cold Tusker – LMAO … Did the folks in #Bungoma elect the village idiot as their governor?

Geoffrey Mutama – I am applying to be Bungoma governor’s Dj Lusaka Ill be at ur office tomorrow morning.

Njuguna Sky – if all counties have their budgets like that one of Bungoma i got to ask where is the money coming from???

Kollo Nabiswa – Mtaachana na budget ya Bungoma. Governor means well for the local porn industry.

R. Giteya – #Illumingwati is under threat from the Governor of Bungoma County

Mutembei – I know I am from bungoma and I do watch a lot of porn. but seriously 20 million to fight porn?”

Provetha Jomo – This Bungoma governor gaatho!! I thougt it was corruption devolved but throw in stupidity

Timothy Wambugu – 1milli for the Bungoma County speaker’s royal regalia. WTF

Cold Tusker – #Machakos County Governor @alfredmutua must be laughing his head off when he looks at his competition eg #Bungoma

Deekaz – Hiyo Budget ya Bungoma ni ya Kutetemesha Governor!”

Charles OpilBungoma is where the devil lays to rest at night and peeps by the day #Lusaka #SaveBungoma from this senseless entertainment

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