Everyone always wants to talk about it, but no one ends up talking about it. K24’s late night show Connect has been advising married couples on how to enjoy their marriages and particularly their sex life. There has been concern about the language used on the show, but Getrude Mungai – the show’s co-host, continues to do her thing. 
To wrap up 2012, Getrude decided to give her viewers ‘happy holidays’ by demonstrating different sex positions. She goes on and on, tens of positions and it’s certain she knows her thing.. That may explain why some commentators branded her Kenya‘s horniest woman. Am not a regular viewer of the show, but it actually struck me how well she does her thing. She has even come up with names for.. you know.. She calls them Mr. and Mrs Victoria. 

At least she had the courtesy of not using a man to demonstrate on National Television, or bringing some plastic toys to the studio. She instead used an actress, but the message was relayed; loud and clear. After that episode, Kenyans will never be the same again. Actually, men may stop drinking late as something awaits them at home, and using Getrude’s own words, the ladies learnt new tricks and techniques. 
And just like that, Getrude Mungai spoiled a nation.

The video is too explicit for Nairobi Wire and we’re still struggling to understand how K24 allowed it to be aired on TV. 
However, you can watch it on YouTube by following this Link, and while there, you can read the comments and see how divided Kenyans are on this delicate matter. Some (actually most) thank her for sharing her wisdom, but their are a few who think of her as a national disaster waiting to that has already happened
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